Imperial Heart Protection Wrap Bracelet
Imperial Heart Protection Wrap Bracelet Imperial jasper brings boldness, courage, and determination. It encourages you to be in integrity with yourself and to face challenges head-on with grace and grit. Imperial jasper pushes you to acknowledge, heal, and release insecurities...
Moonlight Goddess Agate Wrap Bracelet
Agate brings out the best in yourself!Wearing this wrap bracelet will help you attract the positive energy you are looking for. Wrap this gem on your wrist and feel the delight of owning a truly unique handcrafted masterpiece. We created this beautiful wrap bracelet...
$49.99 $34.98
Onyx Moonlight Apple Watch Strap
Our Best Selling Onyx Moonlight Apple Watch Strap, now available in a Smartwatch Strap to stack your look with comfort and ease! Materials: Natural Onyx & Quartz Stones, Wax Cord Smart Watch Connection: Stainless Steel 3 strap lengths available: Standard, Extra Small...
$49.99 $34.98
White Labradorite Apple Watch Strap
Our Best Selling Onyx Moonlight Apple Watch Strap, now available in a Smartwatch Strap to stack your look with comfort and ease! Materials: Natural Onyx & Quartz Stones, Wax Cord Smart Watch Connection: Stainless Steel 3 strap lengths available: Standard, Extra Small...
$49.99 $34.98
Healing Turquoise Protection Wrap Bracelet
This one-of-a-kind Turquoise Wrap Bracelet features a combination of powerful healing stones! It is beautifully handmade with natural Imperial Jasper, and Amazonite stone beads as well as a Turquoise stone centerpiece. The combination of these three natural stones makes for the ultimate healing, protective, balancing,...
$49.99 $34.98
Healing Rhodochrosite Wrap Bracelet
Rhodochrosite brings true joy to one's life, heals old wounds and makes it possible to love oneself and others unconditionally. It is also known as the stone of compassion heart. Rhodochrosite spiritual healing is ideal for those times when you want to...
$49.99 $34.98
Blue Earth Teardrop Necklace
  Jasper has been used for centuries by ancient healers and gurus as a healing and nurturing stone that can provide courage and wisdom.  Jasper carries a strong connection to the Earth's Energy, making its healing properties very beneficial for Grounding, Stability, and Strength....
$29.99 $23.98
Precious Turquoise Choker Necklace
Turquoise is a protective and stabilizing stone that helps enhance communication and intuition. It is used to balance the chakras, aid in meditation, and bring inner calmness. Turquoise is a Throat and Heart Chakra opener. Wear this gorgeous stone to enhance creative...
Tree of Life Protection Bracelet
The tree of life is a symbol of a fresh start in life, positive energy, good health and a bright future. A young tree starts out with shallow roots that strengthen and grow deeper over time. Branches start as small buds and stretch upwards, reaching...
Sterling Silver Dragon Necklace
An intricate pendant featuring a sterling silver winged dragon perching on a thin crescent moon is suspended on an elegant sterling silver rolo chain.✩ 925 Sterling silver dragon pendant is ~1" wide and is hollowed out a little at the...
$35.99 $16.99
Goth Snake Ring
☤MATERIAL QUALITY :Ring constructed with anti-allergic stainless steel, does not contain harmful constituents, does not contain nickel, does not contain lead or cadmium. ☤WONDERFUL:The snake ring is a fashionable and avant-garde rock jewellery. Ideal for combining with bold dresses and/or...
Unicorn Dust Rings
For those who prefer a classic form, rigor and simplicity and unique landscapes, this ring is perfect for you.This ring is made of blue resin, and white snow that glows in the darkness. The base is the black hornbeam tree,...
Astronomical Ball Ring
Hold The Universe In Your Finger! The 16th Century Germany Astronomical Ring is engraved with astronomical symbols from the 16th century, Zodiac, Ancient Greek alphanumeric characters, constellations, etc, waiting for your discovery. The combination is an armillary sphere ring, unfolding to turn into an astronomical ball...
Cubic Zirconia Long Chain Hoop Earrings
Genuine 925 Sterling Silver, Hypoallergenic for sensitive ears, 14K White Gold Plated, High Quality Polished, Dainty Small Hoop CZ Chain Dangle Drop Earrings. AAAA+ Cubic Zirconia, Very Shiny And Sparkly. Hoop Size: 14m, total length: 55mm. Top piercing hinged closure,...
Rotatable Sunflower Necklace
Sunflowers symbolize adoration, loyalty, and longevity. Much of the meaning of sunflowers stems from its namesake, the sun itself. So, we believe this Rotatable Sunflower Necklace that will be a perfect gift for your loved ones. It creates a special meaning...
Adjustable Daisy Ring
Theme and Design concept: In Roman mythology, the daisy is the incarnation of the goblin in the forest-Berdice. The so-called fairy in the forest refers to the energetic naughty ghost, so the flower language of daisy is-merry.Born by such flower blessings,...
Earring Backs SET OF 2 (4 PIECES TOTAL)
Replace your existing earring backs with our skillfully designed lifts, and forever change the way your post earrings look on you! The Tiara Beauty Co Earring Backs have a unique shape that holds large or heavy earrings upright in your...
Vintage silver frog earrings
Features: Our fantastic  two way frog earrings are perfect for nature lovers everywhere.Very cute Frog Ear Jacket Perfect gift for Frog lovers ! Ear jacket earrings work like this: One part is the head with the the pin which goes...
$24.99 $18.99
Fairy Wing Earrings
Colorful Butterfly Earrings: Give your summer style an upgrade with our insect drop earrings. Featuring colorful simulation butterfly wings , pretty and petite, we wear these with every occasion!   Super Cute and Lightweight: The lovely butterfly means Beauty, Dreams...
Mermaid Tail Bangle Bracelet
This amazing piece is an elegant Mermaid tail-cuff bracelet, It's hinged for easy on and off. Mermaids symbolize Beauty, Mystery, Untamed Spirit and Femininity.🧜‍♀ Wild freedom and ferocious independence💪💪 There are some sample photos mixed in to show each angle....
$45.99 $22.99
Multilayer Boho Evil Eye Necklace
The eye of Horus became a talisman to distinguish good from evil and to safeguard health and happiness. It is a talisman of extraordinary powers.An unblinking symbol of strength, the evil eye or 'lucky eye' is believed to protect against...
Opal Double Chain Choker
Close your eyes and let yourself dream for a minute. You have been adorned in the most enthralling gown, your hair adorned with the most infatuating jewels and your face glowing as if the Gods themselves have decorated you. There...
Whale tail bracelet
Every purchase removes one pound of trash/plastic, funds coral restoration, and aids in ocean conservation. Fully Adjustable One Size Fits All Metal Alloy Charm  4 mm Rope Thickness
Skeleton Bracelet Handmade
Handmade Color: Silver Material: Titanium Steel Weight: 68g/2.3oz Made to order Allergy Free ❤ Skeleton Hand Bracelet ❤ Unique taste, different style ❤

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